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Dementia community symbol launched

Comfort Keepers are proud to be part of the Dementia: Understand Together campaign. We are proudly supporting the launch of their new inclusive community symbol.

Understand Together developed the community symbol with people with dementia at its heart. By displaying the symbol in our communities, we hope to raise awareness for the condition. Understand Together also want to show solidarity with the more than 64,000 people living with the condition in Ireland.

We will be joining 40 partners. These range from voluntary and community groups, health services and academia to retail, transport and financial services—plus over 500 community champions nationally, to take action to help support people with dementia, their families and friends. 

Playing our part

Here at Comfort Keepers, we are committed to improving the experience of people living with dementia under our care. We have a dedicated sub-committee comprising of Training, Branch, Area, and Client Care Managers, plus members of our Quality Department.

This committee’s work is informed by contributions from Dementia Ireland and developed a dedicated dementia services information booklet. This booklet contains information on dementia and cognitive impairment, community-based support and independent advocacy services, and helpful advice to service users and their families.

We are also in the final stages of developing a dedicated ‘SEE ME’ document. This document is written in the first person and personalises the story, values, and what matters most about a person living with dementia. This is so the care we provide is more tailored and responsive to that person’s individual needs. We hope that this will launch in Summer 2023.

Finally, we are fully committed to the continuing professional development of our field based team by requiring all staff to complete QQI level 5 in Dementia care.

Supporting the campaign

As well as displaying and using the community symbol on shop fronts, windows, websites, newsletters and on social media, Understand Together encourage partners and champions to take part in dementia awareness training. Staff and volunteers will explore how simple actions can make a real difference to making their services and businesses more accessible, not just to people living with dementia, but to everybody living in our diverse communities.

We’ve committed to becoming more dementia inclusive. You can check for regular updates in our staff newsletter, on social media, and on our website. We will be posting updates on the “SEE ME” launch this year very soon.

By understanding together, we can all make a difference and help people in our communities to stay connected and included.

If you’d like to join the campaign, you can find out more, complete training and order promotional materials here.

To find out more about the services Comfort Keepers provides for people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s, you can click here.

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