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Infection Prevention Guideline Updates

To counteract and prevent the spread of Covid-19, the HSE has issued a series of updated infection prevention guidelines for everyone and particularly those working in healthcare-related areas such as homecare.

General updated guidelines for infection prevention

All people should now stay at home if they have a fever or cough regardless of whether they have recently travelled to an affected area or have interacted with an individual with Covid-19. 

It is imperative to limit and reduce social interactions and to keep a distance of 2m (6 feet) between you and other people.

Close contact is to be avoided where possible.

Guidelines for healthcare workers 

For carers, a series of recommendations have been made to prevent the spread of Covid-19. 

Hand Hygiene

All carers should strictly adhere to the WHO Five Movements of Hand Hygiene approach. This involves washing your hands:

  • before touching a client,
  • before clean/aseptic procedures,
  • after body fluid exposure/risk,
  • after touching a client, and
  • after touching client surroundings



It is highly important to wear your PPE. Wash your hands before putting on PPE and immediately after taking off. When taking off gloves, try to avoid touching the outside of your gloves with your hands. 

Covid-19 reporting 

If you find out or suspect that a client, or someone in a client’s home, may have Covid-19, contact Comfort Keepers for further guidance. 


Read the full HSE document here for more information. Keep up-to-date with our Covid-19 information hub

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