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How Men Can Live Longer

We all know that, as a population, we are living for longer but to what extent?

How can we, as individuals, live a quality life for longer too?

Two very pertinent questions that are important to each and every one of us.

In Ireland (according to the 2011 census), there were 389 people aged over 100. This was 13 times the number over 100 in 1951. Our nearest neighbour of Britain has seen the number of centenarians increase by five times since 1981.

85% of our Irish centenarians are women.

Does that mean that women naturally live longer?

Are they doing something that men are not? Is there a hidden secret?

So how can men live longer?

According to Dr Roger O’Sullivan from the Centre for Ageing Research and Development, women are better at looking after themselves which contributes to their longevity. One area where the sexes definitely differ is women are more inclined to visit their doctor if they have any suspicions about potential ill health or if they are not feeling well. We all know men who tend to be reluctant about visiting their GP, preferring to put it off for a while. It’s important that we go for regular checkups as we get older.

Women are also more sociable – they are more inclined to meet up with friends for coffee and a chat or joining groups that meet regularly. Regular contact with others is good for one’s physical and emotional health. A positive outlook on life also helps of course.

The verdict

Therefore, for men to live a quality life for longer, we know they need to take better care of their health and visit their doctor more frequently. Taking time to meet friends or joining groups would be a good idea too.

The Men’s Shed initiative is very popular amongst unemployed or retired men. Having recently secured more funding, the Men’s Sheds will be popping up in even more towns and villages.  Wouldn’t it be great if it was seen as a contributor to old age too?

(Link for Dr O’Sullivan’s info)

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