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Glasses Are Good For Your Health

This article, reporting on recent research tracking the vision of people aged 65 – 84 and how it affects longevity of life, puts forward some interesting findings. It has long been argued that when a person’s eyesight decreases in strength, it can affect the length of time they have to live. Basically, those with poor eyesight are apparently less likely to live into old age as those with good vision. But is that really the case for the future?

What this research also seems to suggests is that failing eyesight means that people find it harder to do those daily tasks, such as housework, writing cheques, paying bills, shopping and other ‘ordinary tasks’. The fact that their ability to live independent lives was compromised meant that their health and wellbeing was affected.

How can this path be altered or stopped?  Regular eye tests is the obvious solution with the person wearing the appropriate strength of glasses or contact lenses. Cataract operations are hugely successful now which makes a huge difference. I recently discovered that I needed to get varifocals due to a deterioration in my own eyesight, I was dreading the change as even the optician told me that it can be difficult to adjust to the varifocals and that some people give up.  I was finding that the adjustment from looking at the television to glancing at my book or my crochet meant that my eyes were blurred for seconds each time so trying the varifocals was something I had to do.  I was looking at prices or ingredients on food packets in the supermarket and having to move them to and fro from my eyes to try and calculate the right distance so my eyes could read them.  My failing eyesight was really starting to affect daily tasks and I’m fairly young.  Happily though, I found the move to varifocals to be almost seamless and my eyesight feels that it is back to normal – as long as I am wearing my glasses!

What the article also suggests is that a decline in independent living, whether caused by poor eyesight or other reasons, affects longevity of life. It makes sense that if a person (with bad eyesight) is nervous of moving around and falling, this can affect their physical fitness and health. This demonstrates that good home care which supports a person in maintaining their standard of living in terms of independence is hugely important. Home care offers much more than personal care, it can also include companionship when walking, guiding if necessary with linked arm, it can help with cooking and cleaning or any tasks that require assistance.

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